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Character Analysis: Jake Ballard (Scandal)

Hi folks, I don't know if any of you still watch the show or not, but as it comes to close I have to see it to the end. Alright, without giving too much Cyrus is not the big threat that everyone was worried about, but it appears to be Jake! See, I knew for sometime now that Jake wasn't some guy that you could trust. Since the first time Jake Ballard came on the screen, he was portrayed as the Jacob to Fitz's Edward (sorry about the Twilight reference). When things with Fitz was on the rocks, Olivia would turn to Jake in her moment of need. But somewhere down the road, Jake appeared to be something far scarier. We remembered when he was first hired by Fitz to watch Liv after the truth about Defiance came out. But Papa Pope also had Jake get close to her. So, it is kind of unclear who actually is to blame for Jake becoming into Olivia's life. (I actually blame Papa Pope because Jake was following Rowan's orders.) He has spied on her, broke into Liv'…