Born Days Pop Up: Skrillex/Kid Cudi Birthday Celebration Review

It is party time! Put on your best dancing shoes and cocktail dress and join Born Days' events (which can be featured on Born Days celebrates celebrity birthdays. This week they honored Kid Cudi's and Skrillex's birthdays respectively.
My friend Melanie, whose birthday was January 18th, had come up with the idea to go to the birthday celebration at the Hudson Terrace.

So we put on our best clothes and headed to the party. After coat check we climbed up the stairs to the third floor. I must admit that the place looked very nice. It had a lovely view of the Intrepid. But to see it, you would have to be sitting in the far right side of the room to get the full effect of the view. There were seating booths but after a time we weren't allowed to sit there. The room in my opinion didn't have enough space for a large amount of people to dance in. So, we spent a large amount of time just sitting and talking and enjoying the sights and sounds. 

When patrons walk in you can take a picture with large cardboard cutouts of Kid Cudi's and Skrillex's faces. Now that I look back I should have taken a picture with one. UGH. 

While we were there, Melanie won an iTunes gift card because of her birthday. They were also giving away t-shirts, records and hats.

Overall, the event was very chill. I probably would go back there if they had more space. It was a good night and I think the birthday girl enjoyed herself.


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