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Never Let Go: A Billionaire Widow BWWM Love Story Review

Never Let Go: A Billionaire Widow BWWM Love Story by Amy Tyson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Never Let Go by Amy Tyson is one of those books that pulled on my heart strings. It was my first book that I've read that one of the main characters were dead at the beginning of the book. It was nice to see Drew through Amy's eyes. I won't give too much away, but I think Tyson captures the emotions of Amy, a woman who just lost her husband and now has to go on without him, while she is pregnant with their child.

Throughout the novel, Amy stays as strong as she possibly can even while dealing with the fact that Drew's parents hate her. In fact, one scene when Amy and Drew go out of their way to upset his parents was great! But their hatred aside doesn't deter Amy from protecting herself from them. Live the love of her brother and her friends, she keeps it together, when some people probably wouldn't be able to.

The novel does a good job of showing the reader what Drew and Amy…