Irish Billionaire's Revenge (A BWWM Romance) Review

Irish Billionaire's Revenge (A BWWM Romance)Irish Billionaire's Revenge by Destiny Davis
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Let me start off by saying, that I really tried to like this book. This was my first Destiny Davis book and I do not want to sound rude, but I honestly do not understand how anyone can publish a novel with so many grammatical errors in it. In addition, to the errors I had trouble understanding why Max was so hellbent on ruining Denora's life.

Why didn't he look further into whether or not Denora had criminal ties to her father? He has the money, he could have made things far more easier for himself if he had just took a minute and realize that she had nothing to with his sister's death. (Spoiler) Why did Denora sleep with him when she barely knew him? Not too mention, when she discovers she is pregnant after Max's accident, she is like virtually surprised. Um, not once did they use any kind of protection, so why is she so shocked? (Spoiler)

Why were the Greenhearts and the James' families enemies? Did they have beef back in the day before Max and Denora were born? What reason would David have in killing Max's sister? Why not take out the whole family? What happened to the two guys that showed up at the ranch in Ireland? They knew Denora was staying at the ranch, so why not take her when she is about to leave to go back to New York? When Max started to fall in love with her, why didn't he get rid of all the stuff he had on his computer? There would have been no need to keep any of that crap. Why did her father show up in Ireland without any of Max's dad's old crew not knowing about it or intercepting the visit? I mean, these guys are criminals. They will know when an enemy is on the move and would be tracking them. Two months after she returned back to New York, Max finally goes after her and they talk for like two minutes and all is forgiven???????

These are just some of the things that plagued me while I read this book. As I read, I really hoped that things will turn around. I would have liked more detail about their parents' history. I would also liked if the romance was at a slower pace.

I will give Ms. Davis another chance and read another book of hers because I feel that Irish could be a good book if more time was taken in making sure it was edited carefully.

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