WinCon: Women in Comics 2016

Hi guys,

Welcome to another review.  I haven't written a review in a while, but this one is so worth it! 

Today was the Women in Comics (WinC) Convention at the Bronx Library Center and I must saw it was totally awesome!

There were tons of artwork, some I was fortunate to take pictures of. There were also panel discussions that were held in the auditorium. One discussion that my friend, Melanie and I attended was the panel about Voices from the Margins: Mis/Representations of Race, Gender and Sexuality in Comics. It was very interesting to hear from the panelists, their views about how women in comics are portrayed sexually. For example, why women characters are drawn with large breasts with a slender figure. It was very interesting to hear how they got their start in comics and who were their favorite comic book characters. 

After the panel ended, we walked back to the main floor and took pictures of the comics and artwork on display.

But what caught my attention was a table where you can make up your story using anything you want - well almost anything you want. The on the spot fanfiction was created by L. Anna Lenz. Ms. Lenz is a writer for comics Wretched Creatures, From The Mouth Of This Hollar, and Soul Proprieter. 

She wrote a steampunk Tranformers fanfic for yours truly. (The story will be posted on my Facebook page.) 

In addition, I ran into an old high school classmate who does artwork for XII Trials, Rodney Sanon. I was so happy to see him. Rodney said that his next convention might be the New York City Comic Con - which turns out to be Stan Lee's last convention appearance. :(

Overall, it was great to see the coplays, the art and have a story written for just me. I'm am so glad that I got the opportunity to experience WinC and I hope I can go to the events in the future.

(For WinC pictures, please click on our Facebook Page below.)

WinC Pictures 


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