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Burn Notice Series Finale Review

So after a month of putting off the inevitable, I finally watched the last two episodes of Burn Notice. The show did not disappoint. It ended on a bittersweet note (which was something I felt that it should end that way).

Before I continue, I am going to give a few spoilers, so if you haven't watched the last episode, then I suggest you stop reading. Okay...

For those of you who have watched this season, Michael had to give up his life with Fiona in order to work with the CIA as part of deal for Fi, Sam, Jesse and Madeline's freedom. So, Michael had to infiltrate another organization run by a mysterious man, James. As the season progressed, Michael ended up switching sides and became a member of James's organization, running on the belief that he had lost everything as a result of working for the CIA. Faced with the choice of killing Fiona or Sonya, Michael turns the gun on Sonya in order to save Fiona. Thus, ultimately destroying his alliegance to James.

As a result, the team becomes public enemy number one by the CIA and James. While on the run, the team splits up when Michael in attempt to sniff out James, asks Jesse to get his mom, Madeline to the rally point. However, James tracks the team down by tracking them through their new cellphones. Sam, Fi, and Michael find themselves pinned down in James's communications building and is given the choice to surrender or Madeline and Michael's nephew's Charlie will be killed.

And here is the part where I started crying, Michael calls his mother who informs him that she has decided to kill herself so he and the others can have a chance to escape. Madeline told a crying Michael how proud of him she was and told him she loved him, not before telling him that he has always saved him and this her time to save him. At that moment, the respect I had for his mom increased. As they hung up, Michael went into work mode with a desperate Sam trying to call Madeline back to no avail.

Michael and Fi surrendered to James with Fi quoting a line from the pilot episode, 'Should we shoot them?" Which managed to get me to laugh. And then James gave the order to enter the house and as they did, Madeline sat in a chair with a lit cigarette and said "This is for my boys" and the house exploded killing many of James's men. Meanwhile an unharmed Jesse and Charlie emerged from the bathroom and left.

With limited ammo, Michael and Fi kills James's men while Sam escapes the building with the information of all James's agents all over the globe. Inside, a wounded James pulls a dead man switch and the building blows up.

(To find out more, you have to watch it.)

After I watched the show, I was left thinking about whether we will ever see the team on a new show, and what happened to Michael and Fiona? But above all else, I think the thing I enjoyed most about the show was as it progressed, there was always a depiction of Michael's humanity.

Regardless of how much he sacrificed, Michael had a job to do. It was always about the job and completing the mission. Even if it was to the dismay of the others.

In addition, it was interesting to see Michael have a break down. He was unraveling, which was not the Michael Westen we are used to. Michael changed and I think he finally realized that it was the job, that destroyed his life and was still continuing to destroy it.

I really enjoyed this show and it always kept me interested, which a lot of shows don't do that. I miss Michael and the crew already. Thanks to the cast and the crew for giving us 7 seasons of espionage and a bunch of laughs (okay and the explosions were cool too).

"You know spies, a bunch of b*tchy little girls." -Sam Axe-


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