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Spider's Bite Book Review

Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep is about an elemental assassin by name of Gin Blanco. Gin who is the protagonist of the novel is taken in by fellow hitman/handler Fletcher Lane and raised as his daughter along with his son, Finnegan. Before Gin became an assassin, she was Genevive Snow who at the age of thirteen witnessed the death of her mother, Eria and older sister Annabelle by a mysterious fire elemental. Upon escape, Gin uses her stone elemental power and reduces the family home to ash, accidentally killing her younger sister Bria. As the novel opens Gin infiltrates an insane asylum to fulfill a contract put on a psychiatrist. Gin's "never see her until its too late" gives her the nickname the Spider, one of the more known assassins in Ashland. After completing her mission, she meets up with Fletcher who runs the Pork Pit, a greasy spoon like restaurant in the city. Her assignment is too assassinate a numbers cruncher Gordon Giles who works at Halo Industries. H…