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"Seducing Samantha" (Ashland Pride 1) by R.E. Butler

Seducing Samantha by R.E. Butler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: This book is for mature readers and not to be taken lightly. This book contains m/f/m content and shouldn't be read by anyone under 18.

I began reading the book in February and I found myself losing interest with it. The reason why I lost interest, is I didn't like how Grant and Aaron acted sometimes. I understand that they felt that they had to protect Samantha, but there were times that they appeared to be too needy. In addition, it felt like she feel in love with them too fast in my opinion.

However, I did like the way Butler portrayed Samantha. The author showed her vulnerability, her feeling unsure of whether how Grant and Aaron truly felt about her and about her becoming a mother to their children. On other hand, I liked how Sam was able to show her strength, by protecting the children from harm when Niecy and her thugs came to abduct the children. I liked how she was willing to sacrifice herself for thes…