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Redemption Book Review

Redemption (Penton Legacy, #1)Redemption by Susannah Sandlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alright. Before I give my review on the novel, I want to give you a little back story on how I came across this book.

I was in the library one day (a library? Those places still exist?) looking at their 'New Books' section. At the time I had finished reading the second novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I wanted to take a break from vampires. In addition, my laptop had died while I was in the middle of reading another book. Uncertain of what was to become of my computer, I took to doing things the old fashioned way. I took out a book on loan from the Brooklyn Public Library.

As I perused the shelves, hoping to avoid anything with fangs, the word 'Redemption' caught my eye. I pulled the book from the shelf. I looked at the from of the book and noticed a man with a peculiar colored eye. Curious I read the back cover. I was into it until I read, he's a vampire. Groan. But I continued on and the story seemed rather interesting. So I checked it out with the thought that this was definitely going to be the last 'one.'

"Redemption: The Penton Legacy" by Susannah Sandlin is about a 400+ old Irish vampire, Aidan Murphy who lives in a small area in Penton, Alabama. He lives as the town's mayor and resident 'HEAD VAMPIRE IN CHARGE.' He and his scathe (vampire/human community) co exist in peace while the world suffers from a pandemic. Humans are vaccinated thus making their blood poisonous to vampires. With Aidan, there is his trusted lieutants, Mirren Kincaid, Lucy, Hannah and Will. His human friends or fam are Mark and his wife Melissa.

As the book opens Aidan is driving the countryside when he gets a mental call from Mark. Mark is attacked. At the same time Krystal Harris, a doctor who is being interviewed for a position at the town's local clinic finds herself tossed into the world of the supernatural as she is forced to treat Mark's injuries.

Against his better judgment Aidan enthralls Krystal after the interview and keeps her as a prisoner, so she can serve as the town's new doctor. It is later discovered that Owen (Aidan's older brother) was the one who attacked Mark and killed the town's previous doctor (Lucy was the previous doctor's mate).

As the book continues, Aidan continues to feel tremendous guilt over keeping Krystal as prisoner. But he needs her to help save his town and his people, all the while trying to find the urges to be with her. The attraction is instantaneous between the two, however, they both try to deny their feelings.

With Owen running loose in Penton and The Tribunal (the vampire council) trying to come after him, Aidan is on guard. It is discovered that Matthias Ludlam, Will's father, is the one supporting Owen in hopes of taking down Aidan and returning his son to him.

Krystal runs away after the restaurant explosion and into the clutches of Owen who almost kills her.

Aidan gets to her in time and nurses her back to health. Eventually, Krystal and Aidan become bonded.

The final battle between Owen and Aidan happens and Krystal gets severally injured. On the brink of death, Krystal makes the ultimate choice on whether to live or die.

I enjoyed reading this book because it had a different feel to the last novels that I read. It wasn't so much the love story that attracted me it was what was happening to the world around them. It left me curious as to what is to become of this town and the people in it. Would they stay to help protect it against the people threatening to take it away or would they leave?

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