Under Construction/New Read


The site is still under construction and I haven't had the chance to really make the changes that I would to do the Hurricane Sandy. I am hoping by Saturday that I would be able to get everything up and running.

Now, I recently finished Charlaine Harris' book 'Living Dead in Dallas,' the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series. I realized after I spoke with Richard about my reading the book, I hadn't given the book suggestions that he had given me a real chance. He had mentioned several authors to me over the past few months. Okay, more like a year. *cringe*

So I have decided to give the series a much needed break to try something different. I have two picks in mind. My first pick is Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson novel, 'The Lightning Thief' or Jennifer Estep's, 'Spider's Bite.' I want to read both, but I like to read books one out of time, so I can avoid confusion.

I think that I will go with Jennifer Estep's book with the hope of reading 'The Lightning Thief' by mid week. I will definitely keep you all posted with my progress.

Until then please be safe. My hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. 


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