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Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #21: Back To Work...Well, Sort Of

Good Evening All,

Well, to start things off first...the last time I spoke to you about not taking the job with Metropolitan Staffing. I had told the guy in an email that my metrocard had died. But in reality I just didn't feel up to it. Ever since I told him that, I haven't heard from him. Then again I don't blame him. I did tell him that I was interested in the job and then up and decide that I wasn't anymore the more of the interview.

I just felt that I could do better than what he was trying to offer me. For months, I held out for that job and he would call off and on with hopes that I would be starting the job, but then nothing. So, I just realized that he only wanted me to settle for a menial job rather than look for something that I was qualified for.  But its probably for the best.


Last Friday, I received my first WEP assignment from the Back To Work Program. My assignment started this week and will conclude tomorrow. It is at a housing development in Brooklyn. It is a short train ride from my house (and I do mean a short train ride).  I am working at the management office of the housing development. It is here that I met the manager who I will call Ms. B. Ms. B is a loud woman who likes her notes to be in multiple colors. Within the first two days of me being there, I found out more about Ms. B's personal life than I have ever known of anyone else. She has two daughters and one of her closest  friends is an actor known as Ryan Gentles (and yes the brotha is sexy as hell).  Ms. B doesn't like when you reply 'yeah' instead of 'yes.' I understand that.

My first day was spent filing documents away. I got there on time and had to wait for her to come in. Ms. B is actually is not the person in charge of hiring WEP workers. That honor goes to Ms. Jones or Ms. J.  The first day went very well. I was so happy just to be moving around again in my element.

I told Richard about it and he told me that he could see my smiling over the phone. He said that he was happy to hear that I was enjoying myself. It was a long time coming if you ask me. It was this conversation that really made me realize that I really and truly missed working. As if I regained my identity in a way.

The second day I met a working by the name of Emma. She is nice and helpful. It was on this day that I met Ms. J. Overall, the day was okay but I had a couple of mistakes. In fact, I was told to write things down so I wouldn't forget and I could always refer back to my notes just in case if someone asked me for something. I had planned to get started on a project the next day.....

Wednesday. Oh my goodness, today was a little too much for me. The trains were running delays on both sides. It was unfortunate because I was running on no sleep. I was losing my patience, especially since I had only two stops and the trip was taking a lot longer than it should have. At least I called to say that I was going to be late.

Once I got there I was asked to rewrite Ms. B's notes and make them as colorful as possible. I was so exhausted but I just pushed on through the day. Everything was going good until we had to leave the office because of a tenant interview which last for at least twenty minutes. Emma had brought her daughter to work because she wasn't feeling well. An hour and a half later, Ms. B had returned from Charles Barron's office and found herself in an interesting conversation with a gentleman named Mr. Ruben. Mr. Ruben seemed hell-bent on proving Ms. B wrong during their conversation. Emma and I just continued our work and made a comment or two about the situation. Although, I don't think it was wise of me to say anything since I didn't work there. That could ruin any chances of me actually working on the site.

I left around 3:30 to pick up my metrocard from the program. I eventually got what I needed and made my way home. Currently I am at Richard's writing to you guys. Well, it is actually time for bed so I will fill you in on my last day at the site.

~Til We Meet Again.~


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