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Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #20: It's Friday!

Welcome to another installment in the 'quest' series, folks!

First things first. HAPPY FRIDAY to all of you! I hope you all are enjoying this day. One day until the weekend officially begins. For me, my weekend starts as soon as I punch out. So, with that being said, I'm off to a good start.

My Week

So this is the end of the week. Thank goodness. I thought this day would NEVER come! This week was filled with countless job applications, endless calls from this one college recruiter who couldn't take a hint, someone go fired and one job interview with a possible second. WHOA! I was busy! Yeah, I know!

First of all, the week began in a cloud of suspicion. Apparently, my case manager, Mr. Williams was fired or quit. I don't really know for sure, but there was a guy claiming responsibility for getting him fired. That kind of ticked me off because Mr. Williams was a nice guy. Perhaps a little too nice of this line of work, however, he was a nice guy. He had a lot piled on his plate, so I know first hand what that feels like. He might have made a couple of mistakes, but then again who hasn't? I'm living proof of that! (Still wearing the scars of that job less til this very day.) Nonetheless, I rather miss the quiet guy in the corner.

As the week progressed, I had received two calls: one from last Friday from a staffing agency called Randstad. I practically played phone tag with the lady all day until she called me back on Tuesday. But before I go into that, I got another call from this place called TemPositions. The position was for a receptionist at a car dealership in the city. My scheduled interview was for Wednesday. And because of this, this brought me to a state of joy and panic. I realized that because I neglected to show up at my job program on Monday for lazy reasons, I needed my clothes to be pressed! Oh no!

I had thrown out my father's previous iron due to Hurricane Irene crashing through our apartment last year. Thus leaving me with wrinkled clothes. GREAT! Anyway, I asked the parental unit for money for a new iron. So off I went, battling the winds to the local dollar store to get this iron. So after twenty minutes are so of trying to find the blasted thing I bought it. I raced back to the house and pressed my clothes! So I was feeling good. Right until the next morning when I put on the suit and noticed that my blazer was missing its button. GRRRRRRRR! As a result, a curse or two flew out of my mouth and I grabbed my back. In addition, I made sure that my hear was slick back enough with that industrial strength hair gel that I used. (Word to the wise. My hair doesn't do good when it comes to hair gel.)

So I was out the door. Oh man, I realized no music was to be had on this trip. Yeah this was beginning to be a sucky day. I mean, no tunes?! Come on! So I walked briskly to the train station and made to my train. I eventually got a seat at Broadway Junction (see, guys I told you that I live in Brooklyn). I felt that bad because I ended up kneeling on this poor lady that was sitting to my left. I know she was like, "if this girl don't stop leaning on me..." I apologized and before I knew it I was at 14th Street-Union Square.

So, I'm thinking, "This is gonna be a breeze, I'll just take the express train." WRONG! Oh my goodness all stairways heading uptown were packed with straphangers. I mean, it looked like the pictures you see in Japan with the overcrowded people on the platform and on the train. But anyway who was there that day, that was so off the hook! I never seen anything like this before in all my years living in New York.

I eventually got pushed into the 6 train and found my way to Grand Central. I think that was the stop that everyone and their mother, father, sister, brother and uncle got off at. I found the building and eventually made my way to the office. While I was there, I filled out an online application and then waited to see someone. I finally saw Christina around 10 O'clock and spoke to her about fifteen minutes. She told that they had put our interview in her calendar for the day before. My felt my stomach shift at that point. I remembered that the day in my confirmation email said Wednesday and not Tuesday. GULP!

Overall, it was okay. I stumbled a bit, but she gave me a pamphlet and her card and told me to check out the website when I had a chance and to give her a call on Friday, so to keep in touch with them, and that's exactly what I did a few minutes ago. I sent her an email just to touch base to see if there was anything regarding the position.

Then I filled out phase two of their application process and that was it. I was done. I made my way to the job program and submitted the information to my new case manager.

The second place, Randstad was supposed to set up an interview with me yesterday. However, the recruiter seems to have put me on the back burner, but its whatever. I received an email from her stating that she had another project and that she will get back to me as soon as possible. SIGH.

As all of this was going on a college recruiter kept bombarding me with phone calls, messages and text messages about attending Salem University. I spoke to the guy on Tuesday and he started asking me questions that had nothing to do with me signing up for school. I told him that I don't think I would be starting school, which is something that I stated in a text message. So, it was obvious to me, that there was a serious communication error. He said he would call me back on Friday to find out how the interviews went because he felt that they could help me with that. I'm like, "dude whatever."

At this point, I would say anything just to get you off of my damn phone! So we ended the conversation and that was the end of that.

*I didn't take the job at Metropolitan Staffing last week. Just in case you guys were wondering. If I didn't mentioned before, I will write about it briefly in my next 'quest' blog.*

So, guys that concludes my week in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed your week.

Do you guys have anything planned? If, so what is it?....Sorry being nosy over here!



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