Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #19: Jobless Blues

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. I spent mine quietly at home where I repped my Barbados flag on my social media page.

As this is my first blog for the month of September, hopefully this would be my final installment in my quest for looking for a job. I must admit that I have jumped over some hurdles over these past few months, but I continue to soldier on!

The only updates I have for you is that I recently updated my resume to finally suit my administrative assistant needs. My cover letter is still a major work in progress. However, I have a model to work off of thanks to my case manager Mr. Williams (he's the new guy that signs us in the mornings). The major problem is that I don't like talking about myself. I never really liked the concept. You know, putting yourself on the spot for all to see. Yeah...that idea doesn't really sit right with me. As much as I write, I can't express myself. I know its weird, right??

However, I need to do something. And fast. I feel like I am going out of mind or running against time. But what am I worried about. I'm still young right? I still have time on my side, right? Perhaps my friend, Brandon   would say otherwise with a wisecrack about how old I am. *sigh*

There I go over-thinking things again. Such is the way. But one thing is for sure. This quest has been a most interesting thing. It has been annoying, frustrating, hair pulling, swearing, fist raising experience I have ever had. Then again most quests or journeys have their obstacles. That's just the way it is. No quest is an easy one. They take a while before they reach its conclusion. I mean even Frodo had to take his time with the ring. If the journey lasted for a couple of hours or a couple of days then I don't think it would've been a fun one.

So, I shouldn't feel blue about being jobless anymore. I have to make do with the time that I have spent looking for work.

Well, that's it for now.

Until Next Time!


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