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Oh, it's Thursday Again!.....*sighs*......Love's Rollercoaster

Good morning, all.

I hope you guys are enjoying what's left of this work week. At this moment I find myself at my employment program writing this entry. I feel rather fatigued this morning. Why?

This week has been an emotional roller coaster full of of loops, twists and turns. Likely for me I am not a big fan of roller coasters. And to be honest, watching the opening scenes of 'Final Destination 3,' has only furthered my fear of them. No bueno. Yikes! :( This emotional roller coaster that I have been on started off really bad. It had a lot of sharp turns and steep drop here and there. But in the end, it became an enjoyable ride.

I realized that emotions, preferably my own can lead me to do some pretty drastic things. Such as, lashing out at others and making very poor decisions. However, it is through these said emotions that I am coming to terms with who I am as a person.

My identity has been always something that I have struggled since adolescence. It is only now that I have reached the tender age of 30, that I am starting to come into myself. Gee, that sounds interesting. Almost has interesting as saying it in my head or out loud. I know that I have touched base on this before, but I think we all could benefit from a little self analysis every now and then. After all, I just wrote about two blogs ago.

The emotional roller coaster has left me to believe that I can see things for what they are and not for what I perceived to be for so long. The ride has left me to make decisions based on the people that I let into my life. I feel more stronger than I was before. However, I do have moments of regression. Then again who doesn't?

The first time I saw the vulnerability in someone that I truly care about. It was because of this roller coaster meeting its dramatic end, that I was able to see things that I hadn't seen or neglected to see before now. Now that I look back and I now understand what I failed to do before. That was listen to someone else other than yourself. My overall problem was that I always heard what someone had to say, but never listened. I was always off doing my own thing, in my own little world 95% of the time. That's horrible I know. Hey, I never said I was perfect. But that's no excuse of sh***y behavior.

I never want to feel like I am not communicating in the ways I should. I don't want others to feel like I don't understand them when I do. I don't want them to feel intimidated when it comes to having a discussion with me for fear of an outburst. I am tired of being that person. All that leads to plenty of hurt feelings and bruised egos (preferably mine).

Guys, I can't even describe the feeling of having someone reveal themselves to you. It's raw and real. Hands down the most uncomfortable yet comfortable at the same time, kind of moments. I have learned through this ordeal that the heart and mind are an interesting couple. Therefore, when these two these collide with another just expect a lot of tears, consolation, and smiles all wrapped up in a big box. Whooo.

I don't know what else to say, but I will say this....Try not to hurt the ones you love. Sometimes if you hurt them enough, they just might not come back to you. So hold on for dear life and ride the hell out of that roller coaster together!

Q: Have you guys ever been on a emotional roller coaster with someone you love? And how did you overcome the obstacles that you faced?



  1. To be honest the whole getting together was the roller coaster. Coming clean about how I felt and putting my heart on the table after shredding my pride was how I got over the hurdle. You have a decent outlook but might I suggest something? Even after someone reveals to you their inner workings...dont ever treat them differently as from that point they will have defenses lowered and everything you say and do will mean so much more to careful.

    1. Yes. I'm happy to know that I am not the only one that has gone through something similar. I am trying not to treat the people in my life any different for their choices or feelings about anything personal. Part of my makeup is that I tend to be judgmental and that makes for a bad friend in my opinion. But thank you for your advice. :)


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