Happy Friday, Everyone! :)

Finally...the weekend is here! I hope you guys are thrilled about it as much as I am. I get to sleep in late tomorrow. (Oh, I just realized that I have chores to do. *groan*)  I guess all happiness just went out the window. However, I get to see my man, so things isn't totally bad. Maybe we can finally watch 'The Vow' together. Or watch some random craziness on the computer. (Who watches television anymore anyway? LOL)

 I am perfectly content on doing nothing and yet everything all at once! The question is what should I do first? I know that I have the task of cleaning my room and that's fine. Laundry is a definite must. Organizing my clothes is a work in progress. So yeah, after I leave you guys, I have to go home and start my chores. Then after that I am off to the local library to meet up with a friend that I just found out works in the same building as is my job placement program. What a coincidence?! Imagine my shock when I heard someone call my name and look to see this guy walking towards me wearing a bright orange dress shirt! As one of my first comments to him was "Hey, look at you and your bright-ass orange shirt!" Well, he most definitely sticks out from the crowd.

So there I was talking to him for a while and then I found myself walking back to his job and printing out documents for me. It was an interesting place. I believe it was called 'WeCare.' After I left I came back to the HOPE Program, (the place where it all began for me) to write this blog and do some job search. But I must admit I am doing more writing than job search at this time. (I will be writing 'Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #20' over the weekend.)

Wow, I can't believe that I just went off on a tangent. Oh well. LOL. That is nothing out of the ordinary for me. Well, guys and gals I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will see you again very soon.



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