Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #18


Hi guys. I hope you are enjoying yourself on this nice Friday night (Okay now it's Saturday).

By now I had hoped that Quest #17 would have been my last blog entry in my job search series. However, things didn't work out that way. I am still looking for work and have entered the Back to Work program within the past week. This one is part of Goodwill. So far I have let myself be duped into thinking that this program is helpful. Now, I am fully aware that one can't expect things to fall into your lap, but this is ridiculous.

They make sure that you are getting the full experience. They give out clothing, hair, and food vouchers. In addition, they "help" you with housing and medical issues. I have partaken in the hair voucher. Let's just say that I was not pleased with what I received. Apparently, if you are a Goodwill recipient, you are only allowed to get a wash, blow dry and flat iron your hair. This was a huge fail as in that I have coarse hair. Humidity+coarse hair=tangled mess

Suffice it to say that I am not thrilled about this at all. How can this help me obtain a job if my hair looks just as bad as it did when I came in?


As for the job hunt. Well, things are still the same. I have to submit my job searches to the would-be job developers every week. I haven't turned in any paperwork yet. And since I didn't come in on Friday, now I have to submit a doctor's note. Oh the joy. But like before I haven't given up my search and will continue to keep you posted on the progress that I have been making.

Until Next Time.


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