The Writer In Me

So, it is about 3:30 in the morning and I was just asked by my guy what I was doing. I was reading information on how to publish a book. He said, "Well, first one must actually finish writing instead of being so scared." *sigh*

I honestly haven't written anything aside from my Head In The Clouds poem. I don't know why I haven't completed any of my works. I guess that I am afraid that I will fail. I mean, being a writer is one thing, but trying to make it into the mainstream is a whole different story. *gulp*

I know I shouldn't be scared but I just am. I can honestly admit that I am frightened that my work isn't good enough. Richard (my guy) has read my work countless times and has always encouraged me to continue writing. The only thing that he suggested that I change or phrase things differently. Other than that my work received positive reviews. However, coupled with my infinite laziness and constant doubts I have yet to put myself out there. I mean, can it be that bad? It can't hurt, could it?

There is only one way to find out. I have to try. But I have so many unfinished works. Especially, this one work that I had begun working on in 2001/2002. My college professor at the time, Prof. Schaeffer absolutely adored it. I just hope that I can get my butt in gear and publish something. I think I am up for the challenge.

Til We Meet Again.....


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