Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #17: Getting over disappointment

Hi guys,

Welcome to another installment of 'Quest to Getting Back On My Horse.' This is number 17 if you are keeping score. Yeah, lucky number 17. Well, okay. I'm lying. There is nothing lucky about the number 17.

Anyway, it has been a week since my interview for the Barclay Arena in Brooklyn. This was a pre-screening event through Workforce 1, that I had signed up for at the end of June. I am sad to say that I didn't pass my pre-screening interview. And for my troubles I received a nifty flyer stating that I can go to the Brooklyn Workforce 1 to apply for more jobs and help with interview skills etc.

To give you a run through of what happened, once you arrive you are seated in a large room with a group people all vying for the same job. They bring eight of you were you conduct a group interview. In addition, they ask for your resume and then proceed to tell you about the job and what are the most important aspects of said job. I answered every question, but I guess that I didn't appear that I was hungry enough for this job.

So, they deliberated for a few minutes and then came back and told us that those who got picked for the next interview will receive a white card, while the others were going to get a blue flyer and told to try the Workforce 1 services and try back in a week for the job.

Naturally, I was disappointed. I even walked out feeling like I had dressed up for nothing and I completely wasted my time. I felt stupid. I mean it was hot as hell that day and I was wearing a whole suit. As I made my way back towards the train station, I kept thinking what could I have done wrong to not pass the pre-screening. And then it donned on me once I got home. I didn't put myself out there. I didn't try my hardest to answer the questions first. I didn't give good responses. I was just sheepish. But the only thing I did right was to maintain eye contact. This was something that I noticed that a gentleman neglected to do when he responded to the questions. 4 out 8 were not picked to go on to the next round. That made me feel somewhat relieved, but still left a bad taste in my mouth.

I was left with so many questions as to why I hadn't been picked to move on to the next interview. However, I know what I did wrong and I can say that it was a learning experience. So now I can move to the next hurdle and jump over that to get to the finish line. No more disappointment, more perseverance. Sometimes you have to take a few L's before you can get that first W. And that's what intend on doing.


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