Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #16

So it is Thursday morning now. I have officially slept for about two hours yesterday. I had an interview in the city at another staffing agency. Coincidentally, it was located a block over from Metropolitan Staffing.

The position was for an Administrative Assistant position. It was in response to me applying for it on Careerbuilder. I then received a call to come in and meet the employer. Oddly enough the job that I was applying for, is within the agency itself.

When I arrived there I was somewhat nervous but the more time I spent waiting for the gentleman to see me, it seemed the more relaxed.

However, when I met with the Managing Director I choked! :(

I stuttered. I couldn't formulate sentences. I was just a wreck.

Maybe it had something to do with the lack of sleep or just the simple fact that I wasn't mentally prepared.

Suffice it to say, I don't think I will be hearing from them anytime soon. :(

I am disappointed in myself. I could have done better but I don't know.

I let him intimidate me and I just lost it. I admitted that I was nervous which you should never do.

I showed every ounce of weakness that you are never supposed to show on an interview.

Hopefully, I can contact them and see if there is anything else besides that position that I can do.

I haven't given up hope, which is definitely a good thing. Today was a definite learning experience. I need to have confidence in myself in order to succeed.

Only time will tell. Please pray for me. :)


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