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Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #14 (The Job Search Continues)


I am pooped! Today was most interesting. Interesting you ask? Well, today I worked for a few hours at this company. Let's just call them, ROQueen & Co. To start things off I had gotten a call Tuesday afternoon from Metropolitan Staffing about a customer service position. It was for one day at $11 an hour. Sweet, right? Meh. 

So after three train rides and walking two to three additional blocks to through the boondocks, I finally found the building. Once I walked through this historic building for the first time, I was beginning to get a little nervous. I'm thinking,

What the hell is?
Brooklyn Army Terminal Train Car, pic taken towards the exit of the building.
But money was my motivator here. I'm not going to lie to you. I continued my pursued for greenbacks only to discover that I was going to waste a half hour waiting to be seen. It was comforting to know that I wasn't the only person there. So that was a good thing. As I continued to wait patiently and fighting the urge to close my eyes in a lunchroom full of strangers, I decided to take the time to pull out my composition book and a pen and began to write down things that I noticed about the lunchroom.

(Sorry to bore you with the details, but here it goes.) The lunchroom consisted of two rows of seven tables. There were seven cabinets with the sink being placed under the fourth one. Two white refrigerators, the one on the right was smaller. Signs were everywhere, some about tossing food after 5pm on Sunday and another about refraining from heating fish and any other kind of seafood due to workers with allergies. Five vending machines, two for drinks, three for snacks. They finally grabbed us and put us in a room. Almost instantly It gave off a OAC feel (Opinion Access Corp.). Meaning that you call individuals and ask them a series of questions without bias (yeah right). The woman who introduced us to the company, Monica told us that we could stay from 9 to 10pm, but we had the option of staying until 5.

Fortunately for us, we didn't have to call anyone. But our job was to find numbers and input them into the database. Easy. Somewhat. Things were relatively fine until they told us around 11ish that we had to get at least 15 numbers (this was something that they should have told us sooner rather than later). Well, let's just say that most of us weren't successful. Our lead, Logan (a tall Asian guy who had some pretty snazzy tattoos.) called us around 2:30 to tell us that we weren't staying for the full time. I would say that I was disappointed, but I would be lying.

We signed out and they gave us a slip of paper to give to our staffing agencies as proof that we were there and we could get paid. After this, Logan told us to go into the lunchroom so we could wait for further instructions. Soon thereafter, they brought us back to the first room that we got the introduction. Some people left because they had taken the proficiency exam prior. The rest of us had to take this 15-minute test and the results will be given back to the staffing agency and we're supposed to call them later today at 1 to find out the scores and to tell them we are interested in coming back on Friday for training.

Brooklyn Army Terminal Building at the B11 bus stop.
No, I am not interested to say the least. But at least I got a chance to get a little bit of money. Things are really tight as it is. No job, no apartment, and no car. All these that I want and probably should have had by now, but that's either here nor there. If I waited this long, I guess I can wait little while longer.

So, I have to do the best that I can, because like my late uncle Jasper said,

Do your best, because that's all you can do.
 Thanks, Uncle Jas! You are so right about that. It pays to work hard. I just have to step my game up in the pursuit of something good.

Til We Meet Again.


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