Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #13

Wow what a week!

My week started out slow, but it sort of picked up on Wednesday. So, late Wednesday I get a call from this place, (I didn't know their name was Rowe Security Consultants at the time of the call.) and this guy tells me that I would be working for $16 an hour and all I would be doing was checking people in and doing light office work. And all I need was to spend $100 dollars for the background check....*record skip* Say what?! But you know I bought into it anyway?

I asked my poor grandmother for the money so I could go to this place. I got the money order which I never took the receipt. That was mistake #2. My third was putting faith in the idea that this woman who interviewed me was going to call me for to schedule me for the 8 and 16 hour classes (By the way, that would have been an additional $199.). Yeah, how about no.

So, I called my grandmother who I had told about the money and I decided to take a trip down there on Friday to see if I could get the money order receipt. Well, let's just say that they didn't have it and that the supervisor had it in his possession and oh, yeah he wasn't available. I was then told that he would either call me or I could call his assistant or whoever she was, Ms. Mendez. (This place had a knack for not giving you their full names.) I unfortunately didn't call them back. My original plan was to take the money order number and cancel it. However, I caused my grandmother to lose out on $100 dollars, which I want to pay back.

After I left the office, I headed to Queens to quit the job at the airport. And yes indeed I did! The reasons why: The pay was just....sigh. Secondly, the people that work there. It was nothing but heifers and guys who think they can just run up on you and try to ask you out, although you told them repeatedly that you are in a long term relationship and had no plans on cheating on him. They disrespect you when they can. It just didn't seem worth it to me.

Yeah, I know. It was silly and even stupid to do so, but when your broke and seem to be doing remotely better than when you are working...things just don't make much  sense at all. So, I am back to looking for work and hope to get something soon.

Well, the only upside it that I have my phone up and running again. So, I can make calls again. Let the networking begin!


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