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Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #16

So it is Thursday morning now. I have officially slept for about two hours yesterday. I had an interview in the city at another staffing agency. Coincidentally, it was located a block over from Metropolitan Staffing.

The position was for an Administrative Assistant position. It was in response to me applying for it on Careerbuilder. I then received a call to come in and meet the employer. Oddly enough the job that I was applying for, is within the agency itself.

When I arrived there I was somewhat nervous but the more time I spent waiting for the gentleman to see me, it seemed the more relaxed.

However, when I met with the Managing Director I choked! :(

I stuttered. I couldn't formulate sentences. I was just a wreck.

Maybe it had something to do with the lack of sleep or just the simple fact that I wasn't mentally prepared.

Suffice it to say, I don't think I will be hearing from them anytime soon. :(

I am disappointed in myself. I could have done better but I don't…

Awakening: Part One - Marriage

Well, this weekend was interesting.

The weekend had started off rocky with an argument with my other half. (Yeah those are never fun.) But it wasn't the argument that really made me realize a few things about myself.

After the proverbial dust had settled, I told him things that had been bothering me for sometime.

For the past couple of years, I have found myself yearning for things. Things that I thought would never be me.

I noticed that I have dodged this subject for the past three to four years. As much as I tried to avoid it it always kept staring me in the face. I realized that for the first time ever that I wanted to get married. I have been to one wedding since I reached adulthood and it was beautiful. Since then I have seen pictures via Facebook of happy newlywed couples. When I see this I usually smile and click 'like' and keep it moving. However, there is that sadness in me that creeps up on me. The reality that its not me in those photos and that's not my gu…

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #15: Depression Settling In

It's early Wednesday morning. Surprisingly, I'm not tired. Then again as the days go by I find myself getting rather anxious. Anxious about what you ask?

For starters, it is exactly one week since I worked at ROQueen (not the company's real name) and I have to call Metropolitan Staffing to see if my one-day check is available. If it is, then I head into the city to pick it up. However, I am afraid that my joy from receiving my first check in months just might be short-lived. My phone bill is due today, so my so-called victory is rapidly declining. In addition, I am beginning to feel the onset of depression coming on.

I have responded to countless people either on Craigslist, Careerbuilder and especially Indeed. And yet no response. I have a Linkedin account that gets a glance every once in a while, but nothing. Numerous email notifications saying "thank you for applying with us, someone will be contacting you in the next few days about this opportunity." And you …

Love: What a concept.

Today has been a long and stressful day.

Without giving away too much....I was reminded today that just because you may think you know someone, doesn't mean you do.

I am a firm believer in love. Always have, always will. However, with that being said I am smart enough to know that some "love" can be toxic and hazardous to your health and not worth holding onto.

Someone close to me put her faith, trust and love into someone and they betrayed her. This was someone who I generally thought was a good person, but like some of his predecessors, he let poor decisions effect his role as a lover and a friend.

I will tell you guys that there's nothing like getting a disturbing phone call at 6am to really put things in perspective. For a while I have sat on the sidelines and watched these two and hoped for her sake that things were going to work out. Me, being the greatest pessimist that I know took their relationship with a grain of salt.

I must admit that I wasn't too ex…

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #14 (The Job Search Continues)


I am pooped! Today was most interesting. Interesting you ask? Well, today I worked for a few hours at this company. Let's just call them, ROQueen & Co. To start things off I had gotten a call Tuesday afternoon from Metropolitan Staffing about a customer service position. It was for one day at $11 an hour. Sweet, right? Meh. 
So after three train rides and walking two to three additional blocks to through the boondocks, I finally found the building. Once I walked through this historic building for the first time, I was beginning to get a little nervous. I'm thinking,
What the hell is? But money was my motivator here. I'm not going to lie to you. I continued my pursued for greenbacks only to discover that I was going to waste a half hour waiting to be seen. It was comforting to know that I wasn't the only person there. So that was a good thing. As I continued to wait patiently and fighting the urge to close my eyes in a lunchroom full of strangers, I decided t…

The Return of Your Favorite Insomniac

Oh boy.

Here is another night that I am wide awake. I'm with my other half and I am severely fighting the urge to sleep. For the past couple of nights, I have gone home and slept at a reasonable time. I have woken up around 9 for two days. My only problem is that I start feeling run down by 3-4pm.

So I gave up watching some of my television shows because of this. I don't know how bad I really am, but I know that the path that I was going down was not a good path.

I find that when you're not working, and have plenty of free time, your sleeping patterns change. I have been out of work for a few months now, so I eventually changed the way that I sleep. My reason for being up here late talking to you now is because wait for it.....I CAN'T SLEEP! Lol. In addition, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to talk to you guys.

In my never-ending quest to keep you guys informed I have written many entries in the wee-hours of the night. Right now as I type this I am fighting to stay awak…

Losing Your Mind Lately?

It's Friday folks! It is the end of the work week for most. As for some, their work week has just started. With that being said, congratulations you have successfully made through another week of complaints, mishaps and office rhetoric. 
As I sit on the porch on this fine Friday night, I am reminded of all the insanity that I had endured at my job a couple of years ago. I drove myself mad. But two years later and some therapy (Yeah, I know) I feel much better. But this blog isn't about me. This is about  someone special to me. He is going through a really rough time and I want to dedicate this to him.
You see, he like most of the world have fallen on hard times. The job market is not doing too good (well it has it's good days and bad days) and it seems like there are no really good jobs out there. 
I am in this category myself. I have been unemployed for most of 2010 and 2011. In addition, in 2012 I saw a layoff that came out of practically nowhere (After the holidays, I had …

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #13

Wow what a week!

My week started out slow, but it sort of picked up on Wednesday. So, late Wednesday I get a call from this place, (I didn't know their name was Rowe Security Consultants at the time of the call.) and this guy tells me that I would be working for $16 an hour and all I would be doing was checking people in and doing light office work. And all I need was to spend $100 dollars for the background check....*record skip* Say what?! But you know I bought into it anyway?

I asked my poor grandmother for the money so I could go to this place. I got the money order which I never took the receipt. That was mistake #2. My third was putting faith in the idea that this woman who interviewed me was going to call me for to schedule me for the 8 and 16 hour classes (By the way, that would have been an additional $199.). Yeah, how about no.

So, I called my grandmother who I had told about the money and I decided to take a trip down there on Friday to see if I could get the money orde…