Just A Memory

It's Thursday morning. It's quiet. They sit across from one another. No words are said. Her head is full of things to say, but she remain silent. He is engrossed in an online game. She feels them pulling apart ever so slowly. They argue over the most trivial things, but never fully come to an understanding. They argue about her inability to let things go. He finds himself withdrawing from her. She thinks that it might be over.

Suddenly she is flooded with thoughts of the past. They were happier then. The trips to the countryside, where they would lay under the blanket of stars and talk about their dreams. They would share a kiss every now and then and eventually fall asleep will Orion watched over them. They were lovers but now they were barely anything but. She shook the images out of her mind. The distance, the wall, that had existed for months. And finally it all seemed to come to a head at this moment.

He sat there at his desk, wondering why she was so quiet. He knew her well enough that her being quiet was never a good thing. She had been sitting on the sofa with her nose stuck in her laptop, focused on something. Perhaps she was reading her email, or checking her Facebook. He glanced in her direction. He noticed that the corners of her mouth had been turned down. She was obviously upset, but chose to remain quiet. He knew that she was drifting away. But he couldn't understand why.

They had been making progress up until a few months ago and suddenly she changed. She changed. Or was it him? He couldn't be sure. Or maybe he wasn't sure anymore. The one thing he knew for sure, as corny as this might be was that he loved her. She was his 'everything.' She was there when he was coming a part at the seams. His home life wasn't good, but with her help she managed to make it better for him. When she was around, he felt like he could breathe. She was his light, but now she was shrouding him in darkness.

He wasn't sure if the love he had was enough to salvage this broken relationship, but he was going to try.

She continued working on her laptop. She tried not to think but she couldn't turn her mind off. Her brain to be fixated on memories of him. His smile, his laugh, the way he smelled. Her brain felt like it was on fire! How could she not love him? He was difficult at times, but it was that difficulty that made him unique in his own right. It was just then that she noticed him staring at him. Their eyes locked.

At in unison, they both said "I have something to say."

They smiled. The words escaped from her lips. He felt the wall begin to crumble. He realized that it was that love and those memories that were keeping him going. And so did she. He then spoke, and she smiled.

The wall was finally broken.


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