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Is Reality Tv Consuming Your Life?

I have to admit this to you all. I watch reality tv. Dun-dun-dun. Yeah, I watch them. I watch on occasion Chopped, Restaurant: Impossible, Kitchen Nightmares, and Dancing With The Stars. I used to watch American Chopper and Deadliest Catch when I used to live with my mother, however after I moved I don't have an actual television. But I digress.

I have found with the recent cancellations of certain shows, (especially my Ringer) reality tv seems to still remain a dominant force. I honestly don't understand what is so spectacular about them, but every week the nation tune in to see their stars dance, drink and or fight their way to further stardom.

My question is why are they so popular? Why do they seem to be so many of them?

As far as I can remember being in school, reality tv has kicked the butt of most tv dramas to date. At least that is my opinion. But whatever the draw they seem to continue to suck people in and good shows are dying. What's up with that?

The networks seem to think that watching scripted people fist pump and act a fool. I am saddened that my show is gone. I was actually hoping for a second season, but yet I am left with the Kardashians and their fifty shows and watching a dancing show that is obviously rigged from the start. Everyone knows the football player is going to win! *facepalm* But I digress.

Anyway, as I wipe the sweat from my forehead...I feel that viewers should be allowed to vote for what shows they want to keep on the air. But then again, the networks don't care and just want the money. That's all it comes down to. What makes them the most money. So, I guess I answered my own question.

Most television shows die because they didn't pull in big money for the networks. Shame on them for choosing foolishness over quality.

Here is a link for the cancelled shows:

Is Your Show Cancelled (Tvfanatic link)


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