Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #9

Hello all,

So the last time I left you guys I was talking about my supposed job "specialist" and his infinite stupidity in sending me out for a job that was questionable at best. This week, I decided that I was going to toy with him a bit. You see, earlier in the week he had called me in regards to this marketing job at this company called "Middle Marketing" (this is not the real name of the company). Now, I had informed him that my old job had called me on Monday and wanted to know if I was willing to come back. Much to my ignorance, I jumped at the chance, not registering the fact that I was completely miserable there. But I will get back to that in a minute.

Anyway, Mr. High-And-Mighty said that he was calling me on Friday and expected me to come in. I had told him that weary Thursday that I was undecided. But I had made up my mind already that I was more or less done with this. So, I told him that I was going to call the place, which I did and I set up an appointment for Thursday (two days later). He seemed psyched about it and I was like 'whatever.' He said he wanted me to come in and see him after the interview. Thursday came and went and I never left my bed. I was tired and thought that my sleep was more important anyway. I never called him to say anything about that interview. He left two messages on my cell which went unanswered until 7:26 on Friday morning. I said that I hadn't slept at all and was nervous and didn't think I did good on the interview. At this point, he decided that he was going to be like a child and not call back until at 4 in the afternoon. He had the nerve to have an attitude with me. He said he called me and left messages and expected me to come in like he asked after the interview, and that he didn't understand why was I nervous and that I should be more prepared and get a good night sleep.....blah blah blah. I really don't want to talk in his voice anymore, so I'll go back to mine. Yeah, I would like to introduce to you, ME NOT GIVING An F about what he had to say.

But here is the stadium kicker, he then says that he went on this website that had my picture on it and asked me if I was so important to put on the front of their page, then why couldn't they help me find a job? At this point, I'm thinking that he's a real tool and maybe he should call them and ask them that question than rather me instead. But again, I play the little quiet mouse and try to keep my cool.

After this conversation, I was rather annoyed. But felt that I did myself a royal disservice by continuing this level of b.s. Well, with or without him I will continue my search for a better me and a better job. This job search stuff really stinks. Later.



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