Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #8

Hi again all,

I hope you guys are doing well out there in cyberspace. I'm fine. I still live. I want to tell you guys something interesting that I have discovered. Now, this just might be me slow on the uptake, but I will fill you in on what happened to me last week Thursday. Last week, I received a call from my job "specialist" (I am going to use the term as lightly as possible) to come in and see him on Thursday regarding this Medical Billing Specialist position that his company was having. I had explained to him that I needed help with my cover letter. He agreed to assist me with tweaking it before I applied to this job. However, when he sent me the information for this job, he also sent me another job that was for another client. I actually applied for that job and not the Medical Billing Specialist one. When I told him this he was fine with it.

Thursday arrives and I am sitting in his office and I tell him that I applied for this restaurant. He made his apologizes for sending me the wrong job. However, I check my phone and see that I got a reply from the restaurant and the guy wanted me to meet him at 1 that same day. My job "specialist" then hands me a craigslist ad and as I read the ad, my sixth sense alarm is blaring in my head. The words "Cabaret, Female, High Energy" start flying off the page at me like nobody's business. The job wanted a woman to hang out fliers at $11 buck an hour. According to the job it wanted you to bring your SS card. I lied and told him that I didn't have it and that I would have to go and get it from home, which isn't exactly right around the corner.

He encouraged me to go to both interviews, but thought I should wear something more interview-like. Which this didn't make sense to me since I had one slacks, shoes and a blouse. He gave me train fare to travel back and forth with the promise that I would come back and inform him what happened.

Eventually, I made it to the first interview. The interview took place in Chelesa in the city. I am not going to say the restaurant's name, but I will say that it is owned by one of the hottest Italian chefs around. I struggled to find the place, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the guy made me wait for him for like 15 mins and didn't approach me to shake my hand. Now, I don't want to make it a race issue, but I think the moment that he saw me he knew he wasn't going to hire me. I was taken downstairs to what appeared to be a banquet hall and was interviewed for maybe a minute or so. Then he tried to usher me out the side door. I left through the main entrance from where I came.

I left there thinking that is was the biggest waste of time ever. I sent my "specialist" an email and then my phone died. I found a Starbucks in the area and decided to charge my phone and kill sometime before I went to the next snore fest. It just so happens that my better half had called me. I explained to him my feelings regarding the second interview, so I pulled out the paper and read it to him. I gave him the address. On his end he googled the place. And to my surprise (somewhat) it was a stripclub/steakhouse. After we got over our initial shock and my procrastination from going home I turned my attention to going back and explaining to my "specialist" what had happened (against the boyfriend's wishes).

Imagine my surprise when I explained it to him he found it humorous and even made a wisecrack about my boyfriend spanking me if I did take the job, since I told him that he was the one that found it. I initially thought it was funny, but when I left I just had the urge to just slap the fire out of him. And guess what he turned around and changed his mind about helping me with my cover letter. He started working on it and then said he wasn't sure about the job since I didn't have the experience in medical coding, but I got the last laugh on him. I applied anyway, but I will get back to that later.

As I was prepared to leave, he wanted me to come back on Friday (which I didn't). I had never felt so embarrassed and insulted in my life. The fact that he handed me a job and didn't even bother to look into it just made me mad. And then had the audacity to say that he realized that I had doubts about the job, but still wanted me to go to do an interview anyway. YEAH RIGHT!

It was just beyond comprehension. At least for me.

I will had a follow up later today, so stay tuned for Quest#9.



  1. Ah the things people do to get some status. that fool never cared what job you got. Agents only exist to make a name for themselves by making one for matter the cost. Keep ya head up Woman! It's always worth it in the end or shall I say the new beginning?

    1. I totally agree with you! He's not looking out for me at all, just his paycheck. He will send me a job to hell if it meant that he fulfilled his monthly quota. I will take your advice and continue to keep my head up! Thanks!

  2. Yes, I agree with the PC...he seems so shady! A stripclub? are you kidding me? You are a rediculously smart and educated woman and deserve so much better than that. Have you been trying the temp agencies? Lots of times the temp position ends up permanent, try office temps and should have a good shot with them since you have your BA (from a FABULOUS college I might add ;)


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