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So.......What now? O.o'

Hey guys,

Once again, I find myself stuck in a rut. I haven't a clue as to what to do with myself. I find myself asking 'So what now? I am sort of in limbo about my career and don't really know where to go from here.

Have you ever had a time where you sit back and think, 'Huh, how the hell did I get to this point?' Well, I am living it right now as I type this. However, on the up side I have taken to writing again and I guess I should be happy. And I am happy. I just want to provide myself with steady income and not having to depend on someone else for assistance. Call me, independent. What I really don't like having to be put in a position where I am have to rely on others for help. It really makes me feel helpless.

I need to change some things about myself and that is a given. But what things to change that's the question? For starters, I can actually afford to get out more and experience things that I haven't experienced. I would just love to take a …

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #9

Hello all,

So the last time I left you guys I was talking about my supposed job "specialist" and his infinite stupidity in sending me out for a job that was questionable at best. This week, I decided that I was going to toy with him a bit. You see, earlier in the week he had called me in regards to this marketing job at this company called "Middle Marketing" (this is not the real name of the company). Now, I had informed him that my old job had called me on Monday and wanted to know if I was willing to come back. Much to my ignorance, I jumped at the chance, not registering the fact that I was completely miserable there. But I will get back to that in a minute.

Anyway, Mr. High-And-Mighty said that he was calling me on Friday and expected me to come in. I had told him that weary Thursday that I was undecided. But I had made up my mind already that I was more or less done with this. So, I told him that I was going to call the place, which I did and I set up an appo…

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #8

Hi again all,

I hope you guys are doing well out there in cyberspace. I'm fine. I still live. I want to tell you guys something interesting that I have discovered. Now, this just might be me slow on the uptake, but I will fill you in on what happened to me last week Thursday. Last week, I received a call from my job "specialist" (I am going to use the term as lightly as possible) to come in and see him on Thursday regarding this Medical Billing Specialist position that his company was having. I had explained to him that I needed help with my cover letter. He agreed to assist me with tweaking it before I applied to this job. However, when he sent me the information for this job, he also sent me another job that was for another client. I actually applied for that job and not the Medical Billing Specialist one. When I told him this he was fine with it.

Thursday arrives and I am sitting in his office and I tell him that I applied for this restaurant. He made his apologizes f…