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Injustice In America

I want to know how long will it take for something to be done,regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. I am sick to death of hearing day after day, nothing and I mean NOTHING is being done to prevent something like this from happening again. I don't claim to be a know-it-all, but I can't see the point in living in a country that feels that George Zimmerman was justified in shooting an unarmed person just because in his eyes Trayvon appeared to be suspicious. This country, this America was built on the backs of so many people. It is a country of takers and not a country of givers. You may not agree with me, or you may not like the stance I am taking, but I think this is unfair. What if the situation was reversed? Would we be so inclined to let a minority off the hook had he killed an unarmed WHITE young man? Why is it that after all of these years we are still made to feel like we have to constantly fight to obtain so kind of respect? Even if African Americans, blac…

Remembering Trayvon Martin

Hi guys,

Well I am back to talk to you about this shooting that occurred a month ago in Sanford, Fl. The shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon B. Martin has sparked so much controversy these past few weeks. I personally, albeit not living under a rock, just heard of this case last week. Unfortunately, for me I do not have a t.v. so I usually get my news from search engine sites.

Moving on, when I first heard about this case, or lack thereof, I was appalled. Actually, I am still appalled at this. Now, I am not here to make this a race issue, however, I am smart enough to know that this is anything but a racial issue. Now, I wasn't there when Trayvon was killed, but I am sure that this young man died for no reason. I heard what the media and the like had to say about this. I'm not too thrilled that since this young man died, they are trying to dig up any and everything they could find to discredit Trayvon. I can't even imagine how his parents must feel. Not only to lose a c…

Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #7

Hi guys,

This is my first "Quest" blog for the New Year. I realized that I haven't written one in a while, so here it is. Well, to keep you up to date. When I last wrote, I had been working at the airport. Yeah, it was fun for like two seconds and then I had enough of it. I remember the looks I was getting when I first started working there. But things didn't start getting real until they changed us from the afternoons to the mornings. Then the complaints began and calling our team into the office. I was anticipating a shift bid and wanted to go back to afternoons. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be. I worked there for three months until they decided to lay me off as well as some others. I found this situation to be very frustrating since the job took a month to get. So, this is something that I found very screwed up. But I still try to make things work.

I had an interview or what I thought was an interview. Turns out that it was an orientation with the expectatio…