"Mirror, Mirror"

Life is chock full of simplicity. I just realized just how alone I feel. Then it donned on me. The reason for my loneliness was because I didn't have someone to talk to. You see, I don't have close friends, well at least close girl friends that I could chew the fat with. My chest feels heavy with the burden that I carry. I look at myself and all I see is an average girl, with pigtails, a flannel shirt, ripped blue jeans and worn sneakers.

I see a girl who doesn't make enough money to hang out with the popular girls. Instead I am a simple girl. Quiet. Distant. Just a girl. As my reflection stares back at me with scorn and resentment, I think about all the things I could have done differently. I wish that I could be different. Change my skin to fit what I believe to be beautiful. My hair. So coarse. True to its African nature. I just wish that I was different. I wish I was someone else. Not what I see.

I have no girl friends to call me and check up on me. No one to hangout with. No one to say, "Hey, let's hangout today." I tear myself away from looking glass and pick my phone. No messages. I put it down expecting nothing more.

Now, I stand here alone...

Click here for Part 2 "Through The Looking Glass"


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