The Hunger

*This is a work of fiction*

As the days turn into weeks, I find myself diving deeper into my madness. I crave, I yearn for something. Something to quench this....this pain inside of me. It gnaws at my soul like a crazed animal. I can't think of anything else. I just want to embrace this hunger that has taken over my very being.
I can almost taste it on my tongue. I can smell it now too. The richness. Oh, the sweet divine. It does things to my body that I won't dare to illustrate. The color.....the red. Warm as it dances around in my mouth and down my throat. This liquid seduction grabs ahold of me and I lose control. The feeling of empowermemt washes over me as if it were a blanket to keep me warm.
I submit to this pleasure. Yes, that of which I am guilty of. I am no longer myself. I have transformed into something darker than I could ever imagine.
I feel flustered. I stare in the mirror and see that my eyes are blackened. My lips stained with red. Yes, the red. That liquid fire that has made me its mistress. The red, my tormentor, my savior, my lover has changed me forever.
As my change is complete, I wait for this feeling to subside and then I hunt for temptress. 


  1. I...I think I just came. Your style stimulates my imagination while still masking enough of the short plot so that the realization of the subject matter retains a sense of impact...beautifully done.

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I will post some more as soon as I can.


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