Goodbye 2011

Hello guys,

So the year 2011 is almost over in a matter of a few short days and I felt that I should write an end of the year blog. This year has been crazy for pretty much everyone. I for one would love to see what the new year has in store for me. 2011, for me was like a train wreck that you know you should look away but you just can't.

I've lost some so-called friends and I gained a few. I started a new job in October and I liked it for about two weeks and now hate it. I got kicked out of my home and now live with my father. It's been some what cool, except for the two floods that occurred over the summer. The first took place a week or two after I first arrived and Irene came in and almost washed us away. The water reached seven inches and I lost my favorite mp3 player in the process. I haven't been able to recover from that. I had a BBQ that was rescheduled four times before it finally came to being. It wasn't the big turnout that I had hoped but you know, it was alright. In the end, I got to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while, so that made me happy.

But I suppose that I should be thankful that I am still with my honey of seven years. We have had our moments where I really didn't think we would ever get back to how things should be. However, we manage to make it work. I also have been feeling like crap off and on all year. I have no medical insurance and now I am struggling to pay off my bills. Such is the life that I live, but I am grateful that I still draw breath and live to see another day.

Since the year is ending, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that things will get better for you and for me.

Happy New Year loves.



  1. Crap my post isnt here
    oh well In essence You are a strong fighter though you dont notice it as most associate strong with powerful. the two are different in that those with power have no need to be strong and those with strength though it would help have no need of power. I believe your struggles make you stronger in that when you come out of this will be the strongest you have ever been . Continue through the storm lady, its gonna be a long night.

  2. That's sounds like good advice. I will take you up on that.


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