Nothing is the Same

*Story of fiction*

I stood at the edge of the cliff looking down at the waves below. I exhaled and closed my eyes. I could hear the waves smashing against the rocks. The wind was still. This was a surprise to me, since most days there was a warm breeze. But today was different. Today was something that I hadn't experienced before. I feel enraged. I hate what has happened to me.

I let him in and now.....

I loved him. Gave myself to him. And now he is gone. I'm just standing at the edge of the cliff. What should I do? I hate him so much that I can't even think straight. He said he would love me forever and no sooner than I told him that I was pregnant, he changed.

He said things.....things that made me feel.....feel like killing him. After I find him I will make him pay. Nothing is the same. So standing at edge of the cliff. Decisions, decisions.........


  1. I swear This must be the best adaptation of canarsie 17 year olds EVER, NAY All new york!

  2. You have a gift for illustrating the sad truths of our society from your understanding of the environment you wrote on. Though a fictional passage if anyone were to grow up in an environment where they were in close contact with canarsie "chicks", this "fiction" may very well be a map to the inner city females heart so to speak. If many young girls read this and lived in that environment i dare say it could serve as a deterrent to the situation that causes that kind of mind set in a young lady.


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