I Hate You

Sometimes I get this feeling that I can't shake. Every time, I hear your name I lose my mind. I keep going back to that night and I think to myself,  "I wish I could hurt you!" Nothing feels the same anymore. I don't trust like I used to. My mind is filled with thoughts of plotting your demise, just to hear you feel my pain. I want you to hurt like I hurt!

I know that deep down that you don't care about how I feel about you and you will never will. But I would love the satisfaction of seeing you fall from pedestal that you put yourself. I wish that I was a lot quicker and faster than you ever will be. I wish that I was the one that striked first. I wish that I got the upper hand on you, but life is funny like that sometimes and wouldn't allow me to seek my vengeance upon you and anyone closest to you!

I wish my rage would overflow like the Euphrates and just wash over you tenfold until you remember who and what I am and just exactly what I am capable of!

I am NOT your friend, I'm not even your enemy. I'm something far worse. Something that you unleashed. Someone that no one would recognize. Hell, I don't even know who I am anymore. But whatever happens I just want you to know that I will always detest you from the bottom of my heart.

The mere sight of you sickens me! I'm done with you and I will not wish you well for nothing! I don't believe in giving in to false praise! Just know that I will get my revenge and there's nothing you can do about it!

I'm off this!


  1. hmmm how...morbid Please do realize that as far as power goes yours is to see past the indecency in our world and to ensure it never becomes your own...not to say something cheezy like dont stoop down...but a persons thoughts alone can be a representation of the hold this scum holds on you...Confrontation resolution or closure is needed...i say or because any one of the three or combination of as little as two can give you what you need to expel this from your memory....
    True life does not allow things so easily but conveying your grief onto the source may be the only way to get it out of you....otherwise it may be as a display case...seen by all but will never be apart of the world outside its confinements.
    If that doesnt work theres always your friends.
    If you arent as easily comforted then the road ahead is long, twisting, harsh even....you may end up recalling all of this even after many years. Rest assured though, based on the way you carry yourself through these dark times to the point where you no longer post here or move on....you will find that you have made so much progress both professionally and personally that you wont have time to reflect on that which may have destroyed a weaker Genesis.

    So I have logically deduced but even more so dear sister, so I believe.

    until next time.

  2. I believe that I will not let whoever this is get to me any further. I just hate certain things about them and what I think they stand for. My sanity sometimes slip, but can easily be regained. My friends help, but I don't think they fully understand how I feel.

  3. They will never understand that which they dont feel. Try to reel one in so that you may have a companion on your journey out of sorrow and hatred


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