Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #6

Hey guys,

I hope everything is fine with you all. I am sorry for not updating my blog for a few. I have been busy. I started working last Friday and I finally got  a day off today. I barely had any time to think let alone have time to write on the Genesis Lounge. But I do want to say that I missed you all dearly.

Well, since my last post I have been keeping myself preoccupied. Since, my Moving On post I have been trying to keep my nose clean sort of speak. I got my job and just trying to maintain my sanity.

It's been four days on the job and I already have someone hitting on me and asking me to call him, even though I clearly stated that I was in a long-term relationship. I don't want to make an issue of it, but I realize that I need a job. Besides, I am only staying there until I could find something better. Until then, all negativity will be pushed to the side. I can't be bothered. My quest is never ending and I will continue to keep you posted.

Until We Meet Again.


  1. Hey I think that decision is the most mature...I still say let us kick his keaster but you got the right idea've grown. I remember a time where he would have been dismembered....wouldna been no blog...


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