An Untitled Work: Inside The Mind of a Broken Man

This is a work of fiction. This work based on the views of Will Graham, character from I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, starring Clive Owen.

I haven't been back that long and already Turner's men are watching my every move. Returning hasn't been easy. I've been seeing things. Things that aren't there. Blood. Blood in the water. I keep seeing it. I keep seeing it. Davey. Davey in the bath tub, dead. I keep seeing it. My brother's lifeless body laying there, fully clothed. 

It's a fucking shame, I say. A fucking shame.......

Three years ago, I left my life behind. Thought I could start over. Just become someone else. A phantom, a ghost. No more senseless murders. No more running with the crew. I'm not here for ol' times sake....

I'm here to bury my brother, Davey. I keep thinking why he took his life. Suicide? Davey? Something doesn't make sense. Why? This was Davey. He was happy, full of life. So, what really happened to him in the 12 hours before he died?

I asked for a second inquest. Something's amiss. So, until I found out the truth, I will not rest until I find out what happened to him. Afterwards, I can bury my brother.  

So Turner and his boys can rest. I have no plans to bring back the old gang. That doesn't interest me. That's the past. That's not me anymore. Not who I am anymore. That me is gone. Just like Davey. Gone. Nothing to hold on to. What's left to remember him by? Memories, old photographs, his clothes and his drugs? 

Three years of being a recluse. I thought that if I had left things would be better. I don't know who I am anymore. Things have changed. Changed not because of I left. Davey changed me. 

I should have been here for him. I could have helped him, but it's too late now. 

A fucking shame.......just a fucking shame, I say.


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