Quest to Getting Back On My Horse # 5

Hello all:

I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Saturday night. I am fine as can be. Well, that's until something crazy happens and throws me for a proverbial loop. Until then, I can relax. As of right now, I am sitting in McDonald's writing to you guys....I do enjoy writing to you guys about my ongoing status to achieve my greatness. Not that I want to sound so arrogant. So, please forgive me for that.

Well, I got "hired" for a job. I'm supposed to be working at an airport, but I'm not going to divulge where it is. I went to Workforce 1 in Jamaica, Queens a week ago and was hired last Thursday. However, I had to go in for what I thought was going to be my training, but instead was stuck filling out an application to the application and if you make any mistakes, you have to write on a new sheet of paper. I spent about 5 to 6 hours there. This included my taking a drug test after finally escaping the office. However, I was told that they would call me between later that day til Wednesday. Well, let's see, until then I'm keeping my options open in case this airport thing doesn't work out.

I will keep hope alive.......

Til we meet again...:)


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