Q&A: Would you tell a friend that their mate is cheating?

This week, I had to sit and watch my boyfriend tell an acquaintance that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Much to our dismay she seemed not to believe him and that he was trying to break them up. Personally, there is nothing for me to gain by telling her. I feel that if she is nice and has never done me wrong, why not tell her? I know some people out there will say that it's not our business, but to be honest, I would rather know what my man was doing behind my back than rather not know. I know she doesn't want to believe that the man she has been with for a year and a half can do her harm. We want to believe in them so much that sometimes we overlook the slightest inkling that they just might be unfaithful. Who the hell wants that on their mind on top of the other stresses that exist in their lives?

I feel he did the right thing. Not just because he's my boyfriend, but it was the right thing to do. Besides, who would want their gf/bf running around playing Russian Roulette with your body just because they couldn't keep it in their pants? Hmmmm.


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