Xtreme Trance

Hey guys,

I just wanted to write a brief blog about my newest and somewhat old hobby. I use music programs such as Hip Hop Ejjay and MAGIX. My newest work is called "Xtreme Trance." It is an unfinished work, just like most of my works. But I hope to finish it this weekend and post it up for whoever is interested. :)

Back Story:

The reason why I started creating beats or music compositions was, to be honest out of complete boredom. In addition, I always wanted to dabble in the music business as a singer, or a sound mixer. Since, I knew that my stage fright would have gotten the better of me, I opted to keep myself behind the scenes. I find that a lot of today's music tends to lack substance. Meaning that if you are not singing about drugs, a cheating  lover, how much money you have, or if you are just feeling down in the dumps then you don't sell records. So, I wanted to be original, be me and do what I can to get the masses moving on the dance floor, even if it meant that I wasn't singing on a track.

End Result:

As stated previously, I just want the people to enjoy themselves and continue to explore my creative side. I hope you enjoy it.




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