Quest To Getting Back On My Horse Part 3

Oh Lord,

It's freaking Monday again. Why? I'm back at the desk and trying to work and can't seem to get it together. Must be Monday. My brain tends to be jet-lagged from the weekend. Hmmm. So far my brain as been focused on almost everything else, but what I am supposed to be doing. I had to write at this moment, just to get the brain working and focused.

I swear, trying to find a job is so much a job in itself. Trying to weed out the b.s. opportunities from the good ones that I'm so under qualified. That is so unsettling. Makes you think, you know? I can't help but fall right back into my typical mood. You know,  the not really putting much effort into anything, but just sitting around and wasting time. However, my stupid undying will keeps me alive and I continue to push on and pursue my dreams.


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