Q&A: Can you live with yourself when you break someone's heart?

Let me set this up for you......Do you remember when you were back in school and you had a huge crush on a guy or girl in your school (usually the popular people in school) and someone in their crew or they themselves approach you and tell you that they liked you and agreed to go out with you, only for you to get ready and then get told at the last minute that you get played. You are told that they're just kidding and not feeling you like that.

At that point you are filled with rage and don't know what to do. Basically, my question is this, can you live with yourself knowing that you stomped out on someone's heart? Has it ever been done to you? Let me know.


  1. It has never happened to me but I have seen it and the people responsible are normally faced with an attack of conscience at one point or another but as their friend people lift them up as they learn a valuable lesson...but it is rare that they apologize as they are encouraged to move on and not look back...perhaps this is why people are filled with contempt long into their years while the people that made them like that probably dont even remember. So yes my dear it is quite possible perhaps even certain that a person can break a heart and walk off to the rest of their lives happily...so long as they have friends. We are a social species of life. We are supported not so much by ourselves at first but by the influence and companionship or lack thereof around us.


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