Quest to Getting Back On My Horse

It's already the mid-week and I feel like I have been working for days. As I have been told many times that 'looking for work is in itself a full-time job.' Well, anyway.....since it's been a year since I have brought in a substantial paycheck, I have been surviving. It's been a struggle and I am still struggling.

I have been putting my skills to good use as of late. I recently joined an Excel 4-day training class which concludes today at 7:15. I feel really proud of myself because I am starting to realize that life is way too short, to not take advantage of a good thing. I have been apply for more jobs as of late and none of them have absolutely  nothing to do with Craigslist. I even got a call yesterday from a certain, but most popular insurance company to come in for an interview today. By the way, I went to that interview and they should be calling me back to schedule a one-on-one interview. However, I don't think I can sell things. I can probably sell a heck of a good story, but selling things like insurance to the masses. I remember trying that last year September and I could handle all of the information being tossed at me, especially since it was a 'need to know' in a week and then a test was given in prep for an even larger test. Yeah, maybe that would have worked if I had Superman's super reading ability, however since I can't read that fast on such a short notice I took the high road. I quit.

Now, I don't like to fancy myself a quitter. But it does happen. I like to be challenged don't get me wrong, but when you give me, excuse my language, shit to work with. It's usually hard for me to polish it and turn it into a diamond. I, now think that all my choices in life were largely based on somewhat smart decisions. However, I still think that it could have been worse.

Now, that I am back to where it pretty much began for me, I feel better. Not for coming back, but for the talks that I have had with several people. I understand that I have move forward or move aside and let someone else take the helm. Well, I'm not like that. If I know I can do it, I'm going to do it. Now, it's time to get back on my horse today and ride into the proverbial sunset.


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