NY Passes the law on Gay Marriage

I am happy that this has happened. I think this a major step for the United States. With that being said, I also know that not too many people are thrilled about this decision. They feel that marriage should obviously be between a man and a woman, and that's nice and all. But I think that part of the problem is close-mindedness. We all live in this country based on the principles that we can do what we want as long as we can put our minds to it. Now, I am not a lesbian but I do have lesbian and gay friends. I couldn't sit there and be a friend to them and say that they shouldn't have the same rights that I have. After all, it wasn't too long ago that having an interracial couple was frowned upon in this country and unfortunately in certain parts of this country, individuals still think that that is sacrilegious.

I just want to let it be known that I am not trying to enforce my opinion on those of you who may read this blog. I am simply saying that through history our elders have fought so hard to preserve our rights to freedom. Any historian can tell you that all the sacrifices that have been made was against the injustices that were and are still out there today. Through out time people have fought for their rights, didn't matter if it were the Civil Rights Movement, The Women's Movement or the events of the Boston Tea Party. Each event had a common goal and that was right to have rights/liberties. Therefore, I am proud that New York can finally see those rights as for what they are and nothing less.

Today is most definitely a triumphant one.


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