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Need A Change

Let me ask you this? Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Stuck meaning that you just didn't know what to do with yourself. Well, I'm at a crossroads here. See, after the death of one of my old high school teachers' last week, it really put me in a state of mind. Meaning, I finally realized that as they say "life is too short" to sit around and do nothing. I have to stop letting life pass me by because there are so many things I want to do with my life.

For one, I would like to not have to depend on people. Friends are a dime and a dozen, but independence is even greater. I don't like the feeling of needing someone to help me with anything. It makes me feel handicapped. But I guess I have no reason to complain about that. After all, it's good to have friends.

However, the real change is my inability to stay focused on what's important. I find myself writing about change, when more than likely once I finish this post, I most likely would go back to…