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Something in his eyes........

Note: This is a work of non-fiction.

As I took a good look into his eyes last night, I saw that all too familiar stare. I love looking into those dark browns of his and seeing the man that's behind them. We shared a kiss last night that brought back those familiar butterflies that I got when I first kissed him so six and half years ago. I won't to give him everything that is me, but could you believe that I'm still afraid.

I have never found someone that has ever made me give this much of myself to. There was one person, but he is gone and now I have this wonderful man in my life, who makes it very possible to fall in love with every single day over and over again.

I never had someone like him, to keep me on my toes and make me really think, I mean really. I love him so much that sometimes I think I love him too much. Maybe that's just to possessive woman in me talking. Well, whatever it's something that drives me mad sometimes.

I don't know, there is something about those eyes of his that makes me feel like I'm swimming in them. I can feel him just taking me in. I never really understood what the concept of love was all about, but I think I have a genuine idea now.


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