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Living Single


I just wanted to start by saying that the title to this blog has two meanings for me. First, it's obviously based off of the 90's television show of the same name and secondly, it is the result of a Facebook post a friend of mine posted. His post read, "Why is it soo hard for women to keep it 1000 with men? (Yes 1000)." So, I started thinking about it more intensely. I added my two cents into the conversation. But after I left my last comment, I really took a hard look at myself and the journey I have been on for the past 6+ years.

This blog is dedicated for those who think for one second that being in a relationship is easy. No its not easy. It's a like a job that you don't get any monetary gain from. It's a full time, stressful, and gratifying thing you can ever experience. However, you go through tremendous ups and downs, but that's life. That's the way how life works. It's just up to you and your partner to want to make things work.

Something in his eyes........

Note: This is a work of non-fiction.

As I took a good look into his eyes last night, I saw that all too familiar stare. I love looking into those dark browns of his and seeing the man that's behind them. We shared a kiss last night that brought back those familiar butterflies that I got when I first kissed him so six and half years ago. I won't to give him everything that is me, but could you believe that I'm still afraid.

I have never found someone that has ever made me give this much of myself to. There was one person, but he is gone and now I have this wonderful man in my life, who makes it very possible to fall in love with every single day over and over again.

I never had someone like him, to keep me on my toes and make me really think, I mean really. I love him so much that sometimes I think I love him too much. Maybe that's just to possessive woman in me talking. Well, whatever it's something that drives me mad sometimes.

I don't know, there is …

Hi! :)


I'm Genesis. I am new to this website. I have posted other blogs on other websites but I wanted to branch out a bit. I am a writer and I find that writing can be very therapeutic. Especially when having a rough day. I really don't know what else to say so I will leave for now and will return with something new to talk about. Bye.